Bienvenidos a Español
Me llamo Bobo. Soy el perro de Lina.
llamo Lina.  I have been having fun teaching world languages for over 20 years. have a French license from the University of St. Thomas and a Spanish license from the University of Minnesota. I have  also studied German, Italian, Chinese, American Sign Language, and Japanese. I have lived in Italy,France,Taiwan, Guatemala and Japan.I am currently teaching Spanish at Wildwood elementary. I've used  Spanish to translate for medical missions to El Salvador, work at a nutrition clinic in Guatemala, volunteer at a turtle preservation camp in Costa Rica, and to learn about the rainforests and Incas in Peru. This past summer, I visited the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador and am excited to share my experiences with the students. I am looking forward to another fun year at Wildwood!!

Lynn Mucciacciaro

Spanish teacher 

 Wildwood Elementary

(651) 407-2100