Welcome to Wildwood!

Wildwood Elementary is an early childhood, kindergarten, grade one, and grade two elementary school serving the communities of Dellwood, Grant, Hugo, Mahtomedi, Oakdale, Pine Springs, White Bear Lake and Willernie.

Wildwood Elementary has an enrollment of approximately 590 students (K-2). We have 8-9 sections at each grade level with 21 – 27 students in each section (kindergarten classes average size is approximately 21 students). Teachers and staff are committed to the delivery of a quality curriculum in a safe, nurturing environment.

All kindergarten classes are full day every day. In addition to a strong curriculum in math, language arts, social studies and science, we also provide enriching experiences in science, art, music, physical education and media/computer skills.

Our educational program is designed to help each child reach their academic potential while at the same time help them develop their skills to be outstanding citizens in our community. Our teachers are versed in the latest educational practices including the use of Smart Boards, using assessment data to guide instruction, and differentiated instruction to enhance the learning of all students.

We provide a safe and caring school where each child is valued for the person they are and the contributions they bring to Wildwood. We have implemented a school-wide respectful behavior program known as Responsive Classroom to teach our students the importance of respecting others and proper behavior. We have terrific kids and a caring school environment.

We also encourage parent involvement and support in the school life of their children. Our hope and vision is to develop a strong partnership between the school and family so we can work together in helping the children develop their skills to their fullest potential. Parents are encouraged to volunteer in classrooms, talk with teachers, volunteer at activities, and attend conferences. We also have an active PTO group that meets regularly which allows parent the opportunity to become involved in many different aspects of our school. Parents are always welcome at Wildwood Elementary School.

If you would like more information about Wildwood Elementary, please call  Nanette Chow at (651) 407-2102

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