Honor that special child in  your life by donating a book to our Media Center Today!


Here are some idea’s on why to donate books:



In honor of your child's birthday

In honor of a special teacher

In honor of a holiday

In honor of a loved one’s memory

In honor of an anniversary

In honor of an achievement


Please fill out the form below and return it to school.  Your child may then come to the Media Center and choose a book.  The book will be delivered to your child in their classroom and they may take the book home for one week and then return it to the Media Center.  A bookplate will be placed inside the front cover and your child’s photo will be take and displayed in the Media Center.  If you have any questions please call:  Lara Adair, Library Media Specialist 651-407-2167


Hardcover books are $16.00 and paperback books are $6.00.  THANK YOU!!

(Please make checks payable to Wildwood Elementary)


Child’s name______________________________  Grade_______(am/pm/all day)






Date on Nameplate________________________________________


Book Price_____________________________________


Title_______________________________________________________________(To be filled out after chosen)


Parent Name______________________________Phone________________________