READING: Wildwood Elementary uses a balanced literacy approach and Benchmark Literacy as its K-6  core reading program.  More information on this program can be found at


2ND grade, like all of Wildwood Elementary, implements the Math Expressions program. It is organized into six mathematical content strands that cover a number of skills and concepts. The six concepts are:

Operations & Computation
Patterns, Functions & Algebra
Data & Chance
Measurement & Reference Frames

The Math Expressions program uses hands-on manipulatives, games and Home Links to ensure mastery of the concepts that are taught.  By completing Home Links with your child and working with flashcards, math games or computer games you can help build a strong mathematical foundation for your child.

In order to meet individual needs, students are divided into flexible groups during our math block.

2ND grade uses the FOSS (Full Option Science Series) This programs emphasizes discovery learning and focus on the skills of observation, comparing, and communicating information learned using a hands-on approach.


The Great Body Shop curriculum is a comprehensive health and substance abuse prevention curriculum. Topics include: safety, decision making skills, nutrition, the heart, feelings, growing, drugs, germs, skin and muscles.

Social Studies 

2ND grade uses  the Daily Oral Geography program and supplements it with whole class instruction. The topics covered follow the Minnesota State Standards.  Current Events are taught using the Time for Kids weekly magazine.