Learning Links

Money Games

Telling Time
  • 12 Hour Clock - Make a time then add or subtract minutes and it shows what time it is. Teacher Toolkit
  • Feeding Time - Choose the correct time and watch the clock eat!
  • Stop the Clock - Match the times to the correct clock.
  • Bang On Time - Need to stop the clock on the time that is written out.
  • Time Wise - Type in the correct time (choose "random" in the upper, right corner and then the level you want to practice).
  • Make the Time - Move the hands of the clock to make the time.
  • Telling Time - Match the time with the correct way to say it!
  • A Matter of Time - Interactive quizzes on five minute intervals.
  • Telling Time in Different Ways - This challenging game has you match times to ways to say them.


Number Sense/Place Value/Patterns



Symmetrizer - Make cool symmetrical shapes.

Lots More Great Geometry Games

Logic Games

  • Dare to be Square - Create more squares than the computer and WIN!
  • Tangrams - Arrange the seven pieces to form different pictures.
  • Guess the Number - Try to guess the numbers in the fewest number or tries.
  • Geoboard Challenges - Solve the posed geoboard challenges.
  • Attribute Trains - Learn about shape and color patterns by completing trains of blocks.
  • Pattern Blocks - Use six common geometric shapes to build patterns and solve problems.
  • Pentominoes - Use teh 12 pentomino combinations to solve problems.
  • Mastermind - Use influence and logic to play a game and guess a hidden pattern of pegs.
  • Tessellations - Using regular and semi-regular tessellations to tile the plane.
  • Find the Opposite - Try to find the counter example.
  • Logic Zoo - Sort objects into their correct spots on the Venn diagram.
  • Flip It Frenzy - This game is similar to Tetris.  Flip the shapes to make straight rows.
  • Checkers - Play against the computer and see who wins.
  • Carnival Beads - Create lines of 3 jewels or beads.
  • Arthur Un-Matching - Which word does not belong.

Addition and Subtraction

Talking Calculator - Press numbers and hear the calculator read your number.

Multiplication and Division

I SPY Game

EveryDay Math Games (arranged by unit)

Skill Tests

  • Test Prep - Take practice tests to see how much you know.
  • Math Lingo - Match teh term or definition to the question.