Social Studies
Learning Links

Where is Buster - Use Clues to help find the state where Buster is hiding.

Coast to Coast - Test your USA geography skills with this postcards from Buster game.

Puzzle States - Drag the state to the correct spot on the map. Learn names and facts about states.

Connect the States - Play a game like BINGO where you match state shapes, flags, and animals.

Map Race - Drag the state in the key to the correct spot on the map.

Christopher Columbus - Facts and maps about Columbus.

Picture Landform Glossary - See pictures and definitions of various landforms.

Landform Quiz - Use the glossary to help answer the quiz questions.

Learn About the Continents - Choose various topics to explore about the 7 continents.

USA States - Facts, map, and state symbols for the 50 states, with links to quizzes and printouts.

GeoNet Game - Test your knowledge of the geography of the USA.

Label Maps - Label states, oceans, continents, or countries on the map.

Fun Facts - Learn fun facts about all the states!

Clue Maps - Read clues about states, countries, or continents and guess which is being described.

The Seven Continents - Read about the land, people, and animals for each continent.
North, South, East and West - Use directions to help CyberChase kids navigate.

Fastest Way- Help the CyberChase kids find the fastest route home using a map.

Current Events Articles - Read about current events and vote on what you would do.