Proper Dress and Shoes:

Students are expected to come prepared for activity. Comfortable clothing is recommended and gym shoes are a necessity. Shoes should have a non-marking sole, should be tie or Velcro, and need to have a back. If students forget shoes we have a supply that they can borrow from. If students are consistently forgetting their shoes, a letter will be sent home to remind parents of class days and proper shoe requirements.

Excused Absences from Class:

If a student has an injury that would affect their participation during class, they must provide a written note. The note can be from a parent, a doctor, or the school nurse. If a student does not provide a written note, they will be asked to participate.

Grading Procedures:

Students will be graded on a variety of things. Participation during class is a large part of their grade, regardless of their ability. Sportsmanship, teamwork, and personal behavior are other aspects that will be considered. Progress and growth toward skill development will be observed or measured with ocassional skills tests and informal assessments.

Behavior Expectations:

The following is a list of steps used for any student-

-The student will be given one to two verbal warnings to correct the behavior.

-If the students behavior does not improve, they will be asked to take a "pit-stop" (take a break) on the sideline.

-If the behavior still does not improve then they will be asked to fill out an I Care Plan that will be sent home.

-If a specific behavior such as hitting another student or swearing occurs, warnings will not be given, the student will sit-out immediately and/or be sent to the office.