Practicing math facts and concepts on the computer can help reinforce what we are doing in school in a fun, game-style format.  If you allow your child to play internet games, please consider using these activities that will entertain as well as provide math practice time!

 These games are geared to helping students that have a M.A.P. math RIT range of 191-200.

If a link is not working, check to make sure your plug-ins are up-to-date (ie: Adobe),and/or try another browser (Explorer, Firefox, Chrome).  If a link is still not working please email and let me know.

  Practicing Addition and Subtraction facts RIT Range 191-200

That's a Fact! Choose addition or subtraction

Cross the Swamp

Subtraction Practice

Subtraction Machine

Around the World in 80 Seconds
Choose Subtraction level 1, then level 2

  Adding & Subtracting Big Numbers - RIT Range191-200

Addition with Regrouping-Step-by-Step activities

Adding 2-Digit Numbers with Regrouping-Mystery Picture

Adding 2-Digit Numbers-lesson and demonstration

Addint 2-Digit Numbers without Regrouping-activity

Subtracting without Regrouping

Subtracting Big Number with Regrouping

  Geometry & Measurement -RIT range 191-200

Area & Perimeter


Elapsed Time

Clock Blasters
Choose time to the quarter hour

Icyy Slides, Flips & Turns

  Understanding Place Value RIT 191-200

Mr. Anker's Rounding

Rounding to Nearest 100

Place Value Practice

Odd or Even
Choose the 100s

Glowla's Estimation Contraption

  Algebra: Rit 191-200

Problem Solving: Working with Tables

Choose an Operation

Who's Missing-Level 3
Keep trying!  This one is tricky (level 3) but I know you can get it!

Solve for X
Be sure to set level of difficulty to LEVEL 1

Practice for the MN Standards...FUN!!