Triplat's Favorite Apps
We use these apps on the iPad2.
Here is a list of favorite apps. Fortunately, we have an iPad2 in the room, so students really benefit from some great technology! Feel free to ask me more about them if you want more info!

Model Me Kids Going Places
Look In My Eyes
Look In My Eyes: Sea
Super Duper What Are They Thinking
Super Duper Practicing Pragmatics
Super Duper How Would You Feel If
Super Duper What Would You Do In School If
Super Duper All About You and Me
Super Duper Understanding Inferences
Super Duper Fun Deck Following Directions
Super Duper Let's Name Things
Things that Go Together
Vocabulary Builder
iTouch Learn Feelings
ABA Flashcards Problem Solving
ABA Flashcards ABC
ABA Flashcards Emotions
First Words: At Home
First Words: Feelings
Talking Tom
Autism Apps
Touch and Learn Emotions Emotions Actions
Touch and Say
Visual Cue Lite
Talking Picture Board
Red Light Green Light
ABC Magnetic