Decodable Books

As your child is learning to read, it will be important to find just right books for him/her to read. Let your child look at any books that interest them. Read them books that are beyond their reading level so they continue to expand their vocabulary, but also provide them with a lot of books that are decodable. Decodable means that the majority of words that they are reading contain familiar concepts. If you child is learning how to read short vowel words, then the books should have a majority of short vowel words and not have a lot of concepts that they haven't been introduced to yet. 

In the Reading Room we are building a decodable library for our students to access. They can "check out" books and take them home to read and bring them back when they are ready for a new one. This is a developing process, but we have a good start. 

Here are other sources that you can access to find decodable books:

More information on decodable texts
Free printable phonics books from the Measured Mom
Free printable word family books from The Reading Mama
All About Reading Decodable Books
Sounds Like Reading Decodable Books
Dog on a Log Books
Decoable Chapter Books
SPELD Phonics Books (These are from Austrailia--so the language may differ)
Starfall Books (These are paper books from the popular website)
Simple Word Books

If you have decodable books that you don't need anymore, please consider donating them to the Reading Room. We would love to add them to our collection.

If you are interested in learning how to partner with a local library to create decodable book collections for kids, check out this program: and their Road to the Code Project.