One of the most common questions from parents concerns reversals of letters and/or numbers. Does this mean my child is dyslexic?

The short answer is reversing letters or mirror writing is common for young students and usually disappears by the time students enter 2nd-3rd grade. Reversals alone doesn't mean your child is dyslexic, but a lot of dyslexic students do reverse their letters.

The most common letters that get reversed are b, d, p, q. 

A great explanation about reversals can be found HERE at

We have tried many things to help students remember the b/d when reading and writing. This year we have a strong focus on how our mouths make the sounds and what our mouths/lips are doing. This is the technique we have been using with students: (The explanation is copied from this website.)

"You have your child say /b/ (the sound, remember) and then you have him look in a mirror while he says it. Do it yourself also, and point out the straight line (more or less) that your lips make as you press them together to say /b/. Then show him the letter "b" and tell him that as he’s reading along a line of print, when he comes to a "b" he runs into the line first, so he should make the line with his lips, and say /b/.

What about the circle? This one is just a bit tricker. Have your child say /d/ (again, just the sound) and pay attention to his tongue. Ask him if he feels it curled up inside his mouth, the tip pressing against the roof of his mouth. Explain that he’s making a big circle in there, with the tongue making the bottom of the circle and the roof of his mouth the top.

Now show him the letter "d" and tell him that when he’s reading along a line of print and comes to the letter with the circle first he should make the circle in his mouth and the /d/ sound will come out."


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