We are excited to announce that Wildwood will once again be offering the All Stars Program to provide additional math and reading instruction for students in first and second grades whose assessment data indicate they have some learning gaps in the areas of reading and/or math. Qualifying students are invited to attend this program.

The specific areas that we are looking to improve are:

  • Reading: Fluency and decoding
  • Math: Computation strategies
  • The good news is that the program is absolutely FREE.

All Stars is held before school from 8:00-8:50 AM on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Starts Monday, November 9 and ends January 12


  • Reading Grade 2
  • Math Grade 1


  • Reading Grade 1
  • Math Grade 2

Information about the program:

  • There is no cost to the family.
  • We are scheduled for Mondays and Tuesdays starting Monday, November 9.
  • Classes will be taught by Wildwood teachers.
  • Parents are responsible to provide transportation.
  • School breakfast is available for the students starting at 8:50 for the regular fee.
  • Student attendance at All Stars on a regular basis is critical.

For more information contact Principal Mark Hamre at mark.hamre@isd832.net.